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Children are dying

3.5 million children die from diarrhoea and acute respiratory infection in developing countries every year.  Hand washing with soap can prevent these illnesses – it could save 1.2 million of these children.

We’re not talking about an expensive vaccine or a high tech drinking water supply scheme.  We’re talking about the simple act of washing hands with soap.

Yet this life saving, low cost act is rarely practiced and difficult to promote.

Did you know?

Diarrhoea kills more children under the age of five than AIDS, TB and malaria combined.

And it’s not just kids

While child deaths get a lot of attention, and while a lot of materials focus on behaviour change in children, the issue is not confined to children alone.  Data from the World Health Organization indicates that diarrhoea kills 1.1 million people in Africa and Asia.  And hand washing can reduce these deaths by 30%.

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