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Presented By: Mkama Nangu

Event: 2nd ECHO East Africa Pastoralist Symposium (2016-03-03)

Session: This session will demonstrate Pastoralist Managed Natural Regeneration, a new reforestation practice which is successfully reversing the rapid deforestation and desertification in dryland Africa. Pastoralist Managed Natural Regeneration (PMNR) has been shown to be a simple, income generating and self-sustaining reforestation system which is based on the natural regeneration and management of tree stems from underground stumps.

Biographical information: Mkama Nangu of World Vision Tanzania is trained in agronomy, with a masters in business administration. He has worked 12 years in community development worker, and manager of various food security and relief. He now oversees as the Senior Program Officer FMNR initiatives throughout Tanzania, focusing on transforming rangelands into sustainable natural resource areas.