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Morphology of Kala( Alpinia nigra ) in KoKret, PakKret District, Nonthaburi Province found that KoKret community call it “Naw Kala”. The Kala is a herbaceous plant, grows well on riverside and can grow on land. The underground stem is a rhizome while the aerial stem is pseudostem with approximately 3.08 meters in hight. Leaf shape is oblong type. Inflorescence is penicle type with flowers bloom at the apices in floret has involucre bract constancy. The floret consists of three sepals are 3 lobes . It has three petals, which are white-green color and 3 lobes . The flat labellum is 4 lobes , light pink color.Placentation in the inferior ovary is axile placentation, which are 3 carpels. Simple fruit is berry. Ripe fruit is black, round-shape. Seed is dry - brown with white aril.