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Summary : In this session, Gen Meredith, will be available to discuss questions and share more information and experience about her Plenary Talk, One Health and Planetary Health

As we are called to action to help improve the health or wellness or resilience of communities, and their resources, we assess needs, identify assets, foster collaborations, and unite to act to improve the status quo. But what if we’re not using the right lens to see all the factors that are at play, and all that potential there is? This talk will introduce you to the One Health lens—highlighting the inextricable links between human health, animal health, and environmental and plant health—and the planetary health lens—considering the un/sustainable use of resources and the impacts that emerge—giving you tools to consider and reconsider the work you do, and the long-term impacts you have, or can have.

Presenter : Gen Meredith, DrPH, OTR

Associate Director + Core Faculty, Master of Public Health Program, Cornell University