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From chaos to transformation leveraging the unexpected for positive community impact  0

Presented By: Susan Stewart

Event: 2015 ECHO International Agriculture Conference (2015-11-18)

Are you someone who plans?  Have you ever had your plans disrupted by the unexpected – farmer or family change, community change, government change, or disaster?  How do you feel about change and disruption – is it a threat or an opportunity?  Let’s explore together how disruption and even disaster can lead to positive change for farmers and communities.  Let’s look together at possibilities for how you can engage in the face of disruption and leverage it for positive development.


Dr. Susan Stewart, a veterinarian with Christian Veterinary Mission, works with organizations and communities on their transformation, strategic organizational culture change, and leadership development.  Dr. Stewart applies positive organizational theory to organization development, change, and strategic planning.  For more than 25 years in over 20 countries she has worked collaboratively and creatively with executives, boards, organizations, and community members, building teams and supporting them in the construction of the organizations’ future plans.