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This Agrodok is a companion to Agrodok 16: Agroforestry. Trees and shrubs play important roles on the farm and in the environment. Unfortunately too many trees are lost because of overgrazing, excessive fuelwood collection and deforestation. Agroforestry supports the efforts of people in rural areas to plant more trees and to use them to greater advantage, also because of their favourable interaction with crops and livestock. It is fairly common for farm households to propagate a few trees and shrubs in tins, bowls or other containers under a tree or on the veranda. Where larger numbers of planting material are to be produced, it would be helpful do have a better understanding of: different propagation techniques, how to run a proper farm nursery, and planting out and aftercare of young trees. That is why this Agrodok was written. The emphasis is on propagation from seed or cuttings. The more complicated propagation methods used for horticultural crops, such as budding and grafting, are not dealt with.

Version 2, 2004