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People are often surprised to learn that radio is a powerful tool in international development. In rural Africa, where we work, people depend on it as their primary source of information. That’s why we’ve used radio to help farmers help themselves for nearly 40 years. And now we combine it with newer technologies like mobile phones to make it more powerful than ever before.

Radio is 

  • Widespread

    Although it is more than 100 years old, radio is still the world’s most popular mass medium, reaching billions of people each year. It can be found practically everywhere — even in the most remote villages of Africa.

  • Accessible

    Broadcast in local languages that everyone can understand, radio reaches everyone — men and women, young and old — whether or not they can read or write.

  • Convenient

    Plentiful and portable, radio reaches people where they live and work, and even while they travel. What is more, it enables them to multitask, tuning in while they cook dinner, do housework or tend to their garden.

  • Inexpensive

    Affordable for listeners and broadcasters, radio is a cost-effective way to share important information with a large audience.

  • Nimble

    Radio is immediate, capable of delivering information quickly — which is especially useful in emergency situations.

  • Interactive

    Combined with devices like mobile phones, radio is now a two-way communication tool that allows listeners to ask questions, provide feedback and amplify their voices over the airwaves.