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White Ball Acacia, Fern Leaf Acacia

Aeschynomene evenia (Aeschynomene indica L.?)


Aeschynomene evenia is a short-lived perennial. Evenia fares well in areas that have an abundance of rain as it tolerates waterlogging and maintains its nutritive content when other grasses are declining. Seeded in very early spring in tropical pasture land, it will be well established in 2-3 months. Little fertilization is needed. A. evenia is woodier than its relative, A. Americana. It flowers and makes seed throughout the year, offering more forage and potential to reseed itself.


The nutritive value of Aeschynomene evenia is similar to common aeschynomene, but unlike common aeschynomene (deer vetch), it is not immediately palatable to cattle and they will only graze on small plants. Cattle will adapt to A. evenia with time, but will still prefer young growth.


  • Altitude: 0-2600 meters (0-8500 feet)
  • Temperature: 20-26 degrees C (68-78F)
  • Rainfall: 550-1800mm (20-70 inches)
  • Soil: Found in sandy to clay loams

Harvesting and Seed Production

Seed should be inoculated with a broad-spectrum cowpea-type inoculum such as CB 756