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Warm Heart Worldwide

Published on Feb 25, 2016

In this video we show you how to make a basic Top Lit Up Draft Biochar Machine. Warm Heart have been teaching hundreds of farmers in the Northern Thailand how to make these machines in order to help reduce the smoke produced in the area.

We aim to restore the environment while creating economic development opportunities by teaching farmers sustainable agricultural practices and developing the new technology they need.

Decades of strip-cut logging, traditional flooded paddy rice propagation, field burning, over farming and heavy use of fertilizers have destroyed Phrao’s once vibrant ecosystem.

Mountainsides are scarred by steep, barren corn fields and the valley’s exhausted soils force farmers to depend heavily on artificial fertilizers.

These chemicals are now destroying soil fertility, poisoning fish ponds and no longer stimulating the yields they once did, while squeezing farmers’ slim profits with their high costs.

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