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Published: 1992-06-19

Dr. Margaret Ince with WEDC (Water, Engineering and Development Centre) sent a packet of information about their unique courses. WEDC is a unit within Loughborough University of Technology devoted to training, research and consulting related to the planning, provision, operation and maintenance of water supplies, sanitation and physical infrastructure in developing countries. They offer an interesting variety of short courses (6-12 weeks) and masters-level courses.

Examples of 12 week diploma courses include “Irrigation and Water Resources,” “Community Technology for Rural Development,” “Community Water Supply and Sanitation” (10 week), “Groundwater Development,” Infrastructure for Low-income Urban Housing,“ "Management of Municipal Services,” Project Preparation for Environmental Engineering,“ "Solid Waste and Environmental Management,” “Urban Water Supply,” “Wastewater and irrigation,” “Water Engineering,” et. al. Various 2-6 week courses are also offered.

Twelve month MSc courses include “Water and Waste Engineering for Developing Countries," "Water and Environmental Management for Developing Countries,” Urban Engineering for Developing Countries,“ and "Planning and Management of Urban Services.”

Information is online at http://wedc.lboro.ac.uk//

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