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Session : Fresh breadfruit is delicious but the real commercial potential lies with post-harvest products. In this session the array of retail breadfruit products being produced for local and export markets will be discussed. This includes flour, snack bars, pancake mixes, pizelles, tostones, konparets, porridge, milkshakes, vodka, and more. The commercial potential is large especially as many of these products are gluten free, vegetarian, and even kosher. The benefits go not only to the buying public but also to the farmers and processors in many tropical countries. Mary will share about the growers and processors, describe the production process and share recipes.

Presenter : Mary McLaughlin was born in Jamaica. She was educated there and professionally trained as a geologist. Mary worked with the Jamaican Geological Survey and later, oil companies in Dallas, Texas. Mary started McLaughlin Glazeware in 1996, making high end gifts of enamel and bone china, with prestigious clients including Lyric Opera, Abbott, the White House, and Brooks Brothers. In 2008 Mary founded Trees That Feed Foundation, with the mission of planting trees to feed people, create jobs and benefit the environment. Trees That Feed Foundation has supplied nearly 200,000 fruit trees to smallholder farmers and other groups in Jamaica, Haiti and other countries in the Caribbean, Central America and Africa. Trees That Feed Foundation also helps entrepreneurs set up their own independent businesses.