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Thank you for contributing to the mission and vision of ECHO in various ways. Your expertise and willingness to share your knowledge is much appreciated. Goals of this publication are:

  • To present research-related opportunities for engagement with ECHO. A mix of options, some of which make sense for field studies and others for those in academia with access to laboratories, journal databases, and data analysis tools. 
  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge
  • To provide updates on research happening at ECHO and across our network.

To correspond with ideas and feedback about the topics of these newsletters, email publishing@echonet.org

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May 2024 ECHO Research Newsletter - 2024-05-02

April 2024 is the first issue of ECHO Research Newsletters. To correspond with ideas and feedback about the topics of this newsletter, email publishing@echonet.org

  • Engagement Opportunities: Monitoring and evaluation, Plant nutritional information
  • Knowledge Exchange: A research round table and ECHOcommunity Conversations
  • Research Updates: Desiccant testing, Moringa drying, How important is stable temperature for storing seeds?