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Official Welcome to the 2017 ECHO East Africa Symposium on Sustainable Agriculture Best Practices (Feb 7-9) from Bruce Wilson, ECHO Director of Strategic Initiatives. Bruce will describe the ECHOcommunity.org resources, and then give a vision for a consensus on symposia in the future. ECHO has grown internationally to having ECHO offices in Thailand, Tanzania, Burkina Faso and the Caribbean. ECHO is currently working with organizations and individuals in over 180 countries providing tropical agricultural technical support and training along with seeds for tropical plants and networking opportunities.

Presenter : Bruce Wilson is an internationally experienced leader who has served as a pastor, team leader, educational adviser, and consultant. Bruce worked in Indonesia for eleven years before returning to the US as Missions Pastor at Wheaton. He attended Wheaton College and Wheaton Graduate School, as well as Universitas Padjadjaran.