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An international journal of small-scale food processing and food supply management

ISSN            2046-1887 (Print)                     2046-1879 (Online)

Food Chain is an international journal for all those involved in developing the supply of high-quality foods from ‘farm gate to plate’ and those who use food processing to alleviate poverty and hunger. By bridging the gap between research and practice, we encourage papers written by researchers for the benefit of people who put ideas into practice in the field, and those written by practitioners to inform the need for further research. 

The content of Food Chain covers all aspects of promoting food chains, from on-farm processing to storage, transportation, food processing businesses, hygiene and quality assurance, marketing, finance and the business environment. Although agriculture and nutrition does not feature per se in the journal, it does include aspects of post-harvest technology, crop quality, and nutrition/food security and food relief operations, where these impact on local food processors.

The journal includes in-depth articles of up to 8000 words; technical reports and case studies of 2–3000 words; Crossfire debate, in which contentious issues are discussed by two authorities on the subject.; appropriate methods of marketing, business organization and financial management for small food businesses; reports of academic research and other developments that are of interest for food chain development; regular features, including reviews of Internet and published sources of information, book reviews, news of forthcoming meetings, conferences and exhibitions.