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The UK Biochar Research Centre (UKBRC) is based at the University of Edinburgh, School of GeoSciences, on the science campus at King's Buildings.

We are undertaking disciplinary and interdisciplinary research on:

  • Biochar production and analysis of energy rich co-products
  • The diverse potential applications of biochar; particularly as a beneficial soil amendment, as well as other uses
  • The feasible development of Pyrolysis-Biochar systems and Life Cycle Assessments for sustainable resource management.

See our Publications section for information on our findings to date.

We provide a range of research and advice to companies interested in biochar internationally - please contact Saran Sohi for more details.

Our Centre is also a partner in the Scottish Biofuel Programme. This means that UKBRC can provide free initial advice, expertise and to SMEs in Scotland with potential to integrate biochar with energy capture from pyrolysis and coupled technologies.