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Of the 27 chapters in this monograph, the first 14 are discipline-oriented, and the remaining 13 focus on the key parasitic nematode species associated with the major food, feed, and fiber crops.  The introductory chapter and appendices include extensive summary tables of the common and scientific names of plant species and five nematode species attacking the major crops.  The discipline-oriented chapters range from basic nematode biology, anatomy and systematics, ecology, physiology and molecular biology, genetics, etiology of associated disease complexes, the use of genetic engineering for developing host resistance, to integrated management and information transfer.  The commodity-oriented chapers focus primarily on the most important US food-feed-fiber crops:  alfalfa, corn, cotton, clover and other forage legumes, forage grasses, fruit and citrus trees, peanut, potato, rice and other cereals, soybean, small fruits, vegetables, and tobacco.

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  • Publisher: Soil Science Society of America
  • ISBN-10: 0891181369
  • Dewey Decimal: 632.625
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