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Published: 1993-01-01

Dr. Currah has put together seed for a large onion variety trial that she sends to selected researchers around the world. Most members of ECHO’s network would not have the resources to qualify to participate in such a large trial. However, she has sent one trial for ECHO to subdivide and make minitrials available to you. We have divided them into five sets of six varieties each. We will send one set at no charge to development workers assisting peasant farmers or to university researchers. When you report the results you can request another set. She asks that you be sure to include the best local varieties in your trial for comparison.

If you have the resources to handle a larger trial we will consider a request for two sets, but include a paragraph describing how they will be used. Formal researchers who need both more varieties and more seeds of each, write to Dr. Currah directly to inquire about joining her onion research network.

Dr. Currah is interested in learning how the onions grown from these seeds perform in many different environments. If you are willing to take some careful data, indicate this in your letter. We will then send some special report forms that she has provided, rather than ECHO’s general forms.

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ECHO Staff 1993. Onion Variety Trial Available. ECHO Development Notes no. 39