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This book may no longer be available in print.

To be used with the book: An eye for an eye (U.S. title) or Living as the people of God (U.K. title) by Christopher J.H. Wright.

This teaching guide is the fruit of a 15 year journey of seeking to understand the way God works through His people.

I had been trying to teach the idea of wholism and its biblical roots for 8 years in my community development courses in Indonesia.  Then I came across Christopher Wright's book "Living as the People of God".  This said so well what I had been struggling to say, that I chose to form my presentations around his material.

This guide is dedicated to my Asian colleagues in World Vision.  It is my gift of thanks for what they have taught me over the past 15 years.

I am grateful to Paternoster Press and to Christopher Wright for their permission to use material from 'Living as the People of God' in this guide.  Needless to say I encourage readers to buy and study the book - it has such a wealth of Biblical insight which I cannot possibly convey here.  (The Resources Pack contains a brief review of the book.)

Arthur Charles first suggested to me that every person has their own triangle, i.e. world view.  One person's may be different from another's.  Peter Cormack developed that idea further - I acknowledge his creative thinking.  When Tri Budiardjo applied the teaching in the highlands of Irian Jaya I gained new insight for its application to rural life.

Thanks to Helen Jarvis of the Administration Unit for assistance with desktop publishing and to Alfred Hickey for the artwork.

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  • Published: 1990
  • Publisher: World Vision of Australia
  • ISBN-10: 1875140077
  • Dewey Decimal: 241.5
  • ECHO Library: 241.5 STE Staff