1. 19/03/1995 Learning how to do experimental trials Intensive small-scale farming Understanding plant diseases Fertilizer bean-Honduras Rats, mice and other vermin Rural journalism Information sharing - Germany Flexible experiments Learning with urban farmers - Bolivia Less fertilzer Hybrid layers -...
  2. A variety of physical, chemical, and biological control methods have been suggested by various authors for each of these purposes.
  3. These papers summarized research efforts, described programs, identified problems with extension of rodent control technology, and outlined some new work, such as biological control, that may lead to more effective ways to reduce rice losses and the impact of rodents on community well-being.
  4. 01/01/1987 This publication reports on a project on vertegrate pest management. Objectives for the project were to train personnel in pest management of rodents, fruit bats, and house crows and to organize and implement a pest management program to reduce agricultural losses, and to provide detailed...
  5. 01/09/1988 A partial research bibliography of the crested porcupine, genus Hystrix Technical Report #17 Government of Pakistan/USAID Project 16 pages, illustrated
  6. The Biology and Medicine of Rabbits and Rodents has long been considered a "classic" in veterinary medicine and laboratory animal science. Now in its fourth edition, this essential work remains a practical, easy-access manual that spans the diverse needs of both practitioner and researcher. Drs....
  7. 01/01/1994 This book provides a comprehensive review of rodent pests and their control.
  8. This chapter discusses in detail the selection of appropriate bait material for mixing with such chemical poisons, as well as techniques to enhance consumption of bait and to protect non-target species and especially beneficial animals.
  9. 19/07/1994 Dry logs inhabited by fire ants can help deter rats from eating young oil palms.
  10. 20/04/2011 We have written in the past about the use of Gliricidia sepium for rat control (see Amaranth to Zai Holes p. 214), but were not able to give a specific recipe. Recently we heard from a network member who has had success using gliricidia. Below we give details.