1. Edible Portion: Shoots A bamboo. It has short rhizomes and erect stems that droop at the tips. They are 6-10 m tall and woody. The internodes are 12-20 cm long. The sheaths stay on the stem and have sharp brown hairs. The leaves are sword shaped with a smooth surfacebut rough edge. The flowers...
  2. Edible Portion: Shoots A bamboo. It keeps growing from year to year. It grows in tufts. The stems (culms) are erect and 6-9 m long. They are 3-7 cmacross. They are woody. The internodes are 40-75 cm long and hollow. The sheaths are 12-30 cm long and 10-25 cm wide.
  3. Edible Portion: Shoots An endemic erect thin walled bamboo. It is distinguished among all the Philippines forms by long internodes usually about 1m inlength. The stem is about 2.5 to 4.8 cm across and green without spines. Branches on the fifth node may or may not bepresent.
  4. Edible Portion: Shoots A tufted bamboo. It forms many tillers. It grows 10-20 m tall. It has long joints and thin walls. The stems are 8-10 cm across.The tips droop. The leaf sheath is 15 cm tall with a leaf blade is purplish when young and 9 cm long by 9 cm wide. The leafbade is 40 cm long by 7...
  5. Edible Portion: Shoots A tall upright bamboo. It grows 7 m high and spreads 2 m wide. The canes are shiny and mid green. They are 1-4 cm wide.They have few leaves on the lower sections. There are purple-brown stripes on the canes. There are 3 branches at each node.
  6. Shoots Edible parts -Seeds, a bamboo grass. It has a rhizome neck 6 cm long. The culms are 3-4 m tall and 1-2 cm wide. The internodes are 15-18 cmlong. There are 3-6 branches.em, Cereal, Shoots
  7. Edible Portion:Shoots A bamboo. It grows 3-4 m tall. It forms clumps 4-8 m wide. The canes are upright and shiny and dark green. They havedrooping branches and narrow sword shaped leaves 15 cm long.
  8. Edible portion: Shoots A bamboo. It forms tufts. The stems are erect or can bend over at the tip. They grow 8-14 m tall and are 2-8 cm across. They are smooth and greyish-green. It is 15-30 cm between the joints or nodes. The leaf blades are narrowly sword shaped and 7-14 cm long by 5-8 mm wide....
  9. Seeds Edible parts -Seeds, Shoots, Cereal, Sap-drinks A bamboo. The stalks are crooked and knotty.
  10. Shoots Edible parts - shoots A bamboo. The stems are 6-12 m long. They are 4-6 cm across. They droop slightly at the top. The internodes are 30-40 cmlong. There are several branches that are in clusters.