1. This publication provides practical and comprehensive information to integrated pest managementworkers in rice fields throughout tropical Asia. It briefly discusses rice plant structure and growth stages and stresses their relation to pest management.
  2. These are a few images from the Seed Storage Fundamentals Workshop in February2022CLICK HERE to return toworkshop resources.
  3. This presentation gives an introduction to different low-cost seed storage options for small-scale farmers.
  4. This collection contains resourcesused in the ECHO AsiaSeed Storage Technologies Workshop on 25 Feb 2022.
  5. 2022-03-03 Featured in this AN Playing with Water Wheels: Exploring Low-Cost Methods for Pumping Irrigation Water A 'Successful Failure': Introducting SALT Technology in Northern Thailand Virtual Training Opportunities- email us at echoasia@echocommunity.org
  6. အဓိက အရင်းအမြစ် 1990-01-01 This manual is intended to be a guide to the vegetable production training course for developing country specialists offered at the Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center. It is designed as well to be a resource book for extension subject matter specialists and vocational agriculture...
  7. 2022-03-01 ဒေ(ဗ)သည ယခုတငပြသညအရာအတွကအခွငအလမးရရနထိုငးနိုငငံသိုနှစနှစတိတိစော၍ရောကရှိလာခဲသည။ တောငပေါတွငရှိသောလူမျိုးစုများသညဓါတမြေသြဇာများကိုအသုံးပြု၍အားစိုကထုတကြသောလညးကောကပဲသီးနှံအထွကနညးပါးခြငးနှငကြုံတွေကြရသည။
  8. 2022-03-01 ကျွနပတိုသညရေစုပယူရနအတွက ရညရှညတညတံ၍ ရွေးချယစရာ/အခြားသောနညးလမးများကို စတင ရှာဖွေနေသညနှငအမျှကျွနပတို၏အဖွဲသညမြေနိမပိုငးရှိလယယာများတွငရေသွငးစိုကပျိုးရန အတွကအသုံးပြု သညရေလှညဘီးများ၏ သဘောတရားများဖြငစတင၍“ကြံဆလုပဆောငကြည” ကြသည။ ကျွနပတိုသည စလငး ပန(စလငးရေစုပစကဟုခေါသညရေစုပ စကဖြငသုတေသနပြုခြငးနှငစမးသပခြင...
  9. 2022-04-08 We welcomeyou to the ECHO Asia Farm on Friday April 8th, 2022 for our On-Farm Feeds Workshop. In this training you will learn about: Animal feed needs, types of feed and feed ratio calculation On-Farm Feed Additives and Supplements Hands on activity: Making On-Farm Feeds for animals at the ECHO...
  10. 2022-03-18