This article is from ECHO Asia Note #2

In a 2001 ECHO Development Notes article, “SRI, the System of Rice Intensification: Less can be more,” ECHO first reported on SRI’s radical rice production steps including:

  • Transplanting rice seedlings when the first two leaves have emerged, usually sometime between 8-15 days old.
  • Transplanting seedlings singly rather than in clumps.
  • Wide spacing of seedlings, usually no less than 25 cm x 25 cm.
  • Maintenance of moist but unflooded conditions in the paddy.
  • Weeding by hand or with a mechanical rotary hoe.
  • Using organic inputs such as compost, green manures and other biomass.

​Since 2001, a combination of farmer groups, non-governmental organizations and governmental agencies across Asia have evaluated and promoted the rice production system. Now, eight years later, country-wide reports from across Southeast Asia and adjoining regions are showing varied levels of adoption by rice producers.