Onion is a hardy biennial from southern parts of Russia and Iran. It was disseminated by the Indo-European peoples during their numerous migrations. Very ancient forms of Onion are still for sale in Middle Eastern markets.

Red Burgundy

A short day onion with smooth, glossy purplish red skin and white flesh.

Red Creole

A short day onion with red flesh, tough outer scales, and a flattened globe shape.


A long day onion with large, white globe shaped bulbs.

White Sweet Spanish

An intermediate day white onion that is globe shaped and firm.


A short-day onion with pinkish skin, good storage life, and strong flavor. This selection was made within the Red Creole line in Hawaii. 155 days to maturity. Short-day onions will develop bulbs when the daylength reaches 10-12 hours a day. Growth of onions is regulated through a combination of temperature and day length. Onion varieties appropriate for growing in the tropics are short-day varieties. 

Granex F1

Pumba F1

Violet De Galmi

Ever Lucky (F1)

Candy F1

Laredo F1

Reforma F1