Lablab purpureus is bean capable of growing in a wide range of climatic conditions and soil types, depending upon the variety chosen. It is widely cultivated throughout the tropics and subtropics and occurs wild in tropical Africa (including Madagascar) and India.  The palatability of lablab surpasses that of velvet beans or jack beans.

Chiang Dao

A white seeded field lablab with white flowers from Chiang Dao district in Thailand.


This variety was introduced to Australia from Southern India and was selected for early flowering, high seed yield, and high dry matter production. It has purple flowers and black seeds that are borne in non-shattering pods.


Contains several lablab varieties from ECHO, including 'Rongai' (white flowers and light brown seeds), 'Highworth' (purple flowers and black seeds) and 'White' (white flower and white seeds).

Red Hyacinth

A day-neutral ornamental lablab. The vine has purple red stems and bears beautiful purple pods.


A forage and green manure cover crop variety with white flowers and light brown edible seeds.

Ruby Moon

A vigorous vine with purple red seed pods. The seeds, young leaves, and flowers can be cooked and eaten and the plant is used as a green manure/cover crop.


A forage and food variety with large, edible white seeds.

Chiang Dao Mix

A white-seeded field lablab.