Pigeon pea is a nitrogen-fixing, perennial shrub, growing to 4 m in height, that produces green or dry seed in seasonally dry climates. Pigeon peas are adaptable to many soil types and are used as a dry pea, green vegetable, fodder, fuelwood, green manure or cover crop.

Agroforestry Select

Selected for forage production, this variety can grow up to 3m in height.


A short-duration, day-neutral semi-determinate variety that was developed by Dr. Sharad Phatak at the University of Georgia. Vigorous and productive, producing up to 4,480 kg of dry seed per hectare. Grown specifically for pod production rather than vegetative growth. 50-90 days to flowering with plants growing to an average height of 1m. First pod set is above the canopy.

ICPL 8151

This variety originates from part of a germplasm collection at ICRISAT in India. It is a long season indeterminate variety with creamy colored seeds. It grows up to 2 m in height and matures in 235 days.


A long duration indeterminate variety that produces abundant pods with creamy colored seeds. 


A black seeded, long duration indeterminate variety. 

ICPL 92016

A short-duration pigeon pea (100-140 days to maturity) growing to 1.5 m in height developed by ICRISAT in India. 


A mix of varieties in our collection. This mix contains one short duration pigeon pea and three long duration (daylength sensitive) varieties. Varieties included are 'ICP 88034', 'Black', 'Agroforestry Select' and 'Caqui'. Mixes are useful for trying out different types to see which grows best in a specific location.

ICPL 88034 - Early Maturing

This variety originates from ICRISAT in INDIA and its pedigree is ICPL 81 x ICPL 151. It's a day-neutral semi-determinate type. Notes say 61 days to flowering but it is consistently 110 days in southwest Florida. Possibly an intermediate variety. Taller, later flowering, and more vegetative growth than the Georgia varieties. Yellow flowers and brownish-orange seeds.

Short Duration Vegetable

This variety is day-neutral short duration pigeon pea. 

Thailand Mix

Local Thai variety with good flavor.

Pa-O Small

From Shan State, Myanmar. Leaves, pods, and seeds are edible.


A day neutral, short duration pigeon pea developed by Dr. Sharad Phatak at the University of Georgia. Semi-determinate growth is more conducive for mechanical harvesting. Grown specifically for pod production rather than vegetative growth. 65-100 days to flowering. Average plant height is 1.6m (65 in). 

ICP 7035

Formerly labeled in the ECHO seed bank as 'Vegetable', this variety is from ICRISAT in India (pedigree DSLR-55). It is medium duration, daylength sensitive, and non-determinate. It produces brownish-red speckled seeds. It is called a vegetable type because of its prolific pod production and large seeds. 

2-B Bushy

A tall, intermediate flowering legume. Good disease and drought resistance. Cream colored seeds. 145 days to maturity. 

Bishop Black

Pa-O Green

Immature seeds are green with brown specks. Once, dried, seeds are grey with brown specks.


This variety has red pods and reddish mottled seeds. It requires short days to flower.