1. 01/01/1989 Questa carta descriverŕ le caratteristiche di base di un mezzo - a sistema di hydroponics di grande potenza e serra prefabbricata adatto per climates. freddo delle modifiche per un sistema appropriato per climi caldi č discusso anche. Giardinieri di Casa di in alcun clima puň usare le teorie di...
  2. Peggy Bradley This is Class 3 in the Micro-gardens Class. It discusses making larger garden containers out of shipping pallets and sheets of black plastic.
  3. Peggy Bradley This is the fourth class in the Micro-gardens Class. It discusses hydroponic substrates that can replace soil.
  4. Peggy Bradley This class shows the organoponics movement in Cuba where 60% of their food is grown this way. Shows how to set up one in your own yard.
  5. Peggy Bradley This class shows different things that can be used instead of soil to grow plants. It is part of a micro-gardens Class to grow your own food on 100 by 50 foot lot.
  6. Peggy Bradley Class 5 of the Micro-Gardens Class on using mineral hydroponic nutrient.
  7. Peggy Bradley This is the ninth and final class in the Micro-gardens Course. It discusses products other than food that can be grown with hydroponics.
  8. Peggy Bradley A class on using small containers in a micro-garden. This shows using recycled materials to help construct a garden at home
  9. 01/09/2010 A case study on the introduction of the microgardening technology in The Gambia (West Africa)
  10. By Abdoulaye Seck The Microgardening technology is mainly based on 1 or 0.5 m2 wood tables and therefore, can be installed everywhere. Land is an issue in peri-urban/urban and even in some rural areas. The technology can be installed everywhere in household compounds (even in terraces and...