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  1. 01 Januari 2008 The main aim of this booklet is to give some reasons for small farmers, low-income families or children to do so, and to discuss management, housing, breeding nutrition, veterinary issues, and other potential problems for this type of back-yard farming.
  2. For the person wanting to produce at least some of his food, there's no more practical meat animal than the domestic rabbit. This book includes photographs and drawings to illumine the text, helping the novice to understand the finer points of dealing with rabbits, the basic points that most book...
  3. This publication contains the history of the American Rabbit Breeders Association and instruction on the care and raising of rabbits.
  4. An important resource for all those involved in rabbit production, this book is also vital reading for students and researchers of animal science and meat production, as well as the keen amateur rabbit enthusiast.
  5. This book was written to aid the Tunisian rabbit raiser, or others in the same climatic conditions.
  6. An overview of how to raise and market rabbits.
  7. This book containsinformation for successfully raising rabbits on a small to semi-commercial scale.
  8. This new, revised edition includes information for trainers conducting rabbit courses, with the aim of developing sustainable meat projects to help families improve nutrition and income. Ten modules cover the following topics: Production Systems and Economics, Genetics and Selection, Housing and...
  9. Learn how to raise rabbits with this publication.
  10. This manual is designed to give basic information that has been shown to be successful in a variety of situations. We have often opted to describe methods that may be too sophisticated or expensive to apply in every case in an effort to illustrate the optimal condition. Obviously, not everyone...