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  1. This report looks at businesses in Haiti and reports on the conditions and earnings of their employees.
  2. 01 Januari 1991 Discusses the author's journeys in Haiti including the people he met, the stories and life histories he heard, and the experiences he encountered in this tiny Caribbean nation.
  3. This book documents the introduction of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) to Haiti during training programs with farmers in three regions of Haiti.
  4. 01 Januari 2006 The research described in this report was initiated under the USAID/Haiti Agroforestry II Project and continued under the Productive Land Use System Project in order to adapt alley cropping to Haitian conditions.
  5. This arresting first novel presents a powerful fictional portrait of the poverty and oppression in contemporary Haiti. Seventeen-year-old Djo, one of Jean-Bertrand Aristide's bodyguards, has been badly beaten by the macoutes , violent members of Duvalier's private army. While Djo is recovering in...
  6. Using the MEVMS value chain research and presentation strategy describedhere, this paper provides a rapid summary of the Fruit, Lumber, and Charcoal value chains in rural Haiti. The research is based on literature review, focus groups and a 405 household survey in the Grand Anse conducted in...
  7. By showing how the squabbles of the Haitian elite for strictly personal gain and its limited insight into the country's general interests have impeded development, Paquin's book has rendered a great service to the Haitian community. Mr. Paquin has accomplished this by portraying the "two...
  8. 01 November 2003 This publication reports on research on how alley cropping between tree barriers compared to the more traditional conservation barriers used in Haiti in terms of long-term crop yields. 40 pages, illustrated, photos 2 copies
  9. This book covers the history of Haiti.