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Dipersembahkan Oleh: Neil Rowe Miller

Acara: Symposium on Improving Nutrition in Dryland Areas (07 Agustus 2018)

Session: Climate uncertainty and environmental degradation cause deterioration in nutritional status of rural farm families throughout the tropics. Conservation Agriculture methods allow farmers to adapt to these challenges by building soil quality, lowering the risks of uncertain rainfall, and diversifying crop species. Examples of successful technologies and projects will be presented from throughout eastern Africa.

Presenter: Neil Rowe Miller serves with ECHO and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank as a technical advisor to conservation agriculture projects in eastern Africa. His career spans 35 years working with small-scale farmers in the developing world as well as consulting for large-scale commercial grain farmers in the U.S. He spent 10 years as Executive Director of World Hunger Relief, Inc., a non-profit agriculture training farm in central Texas