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  1. Abstract, Bioinformation, 2018 Durian (Durio zibethinus L.; Family Bombacaceae) is an iconic tropical fruit plant cultivated in Malaysia and the Southeast Asian countries. In Malaysia, durian is recognised as the King of fruits and well known as a rich source of volatile sulphur compounds that...
  2. 01 Januari 2001 Durian is extensively grown in tropical regions, the major producers being Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. The tree is also grown in northern Australia, some South American countries and in Africa. Although to many its smell is notoriously offensive, its taste can become a...
  3. The genus is native to South-East Asia and wild durian trees are found in Borneo and Sumatra. In cultivation the tree has been spread over an area ranging from Sri Lanka and South India to New Guinea. Only a few trees are found outside this area, namely in Australia, Hawaii and Zanzibar. Durian...

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