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Sun Buckets is a for-profit social business that develops portable cookstoves that store the sun's energy, making cooking easier and more affordable for off-grid families around the world.

For more than 3 billion people on our planet, cooking dinner is not as easy as turning the dial on a gas or electric range, or pressing buttons on a microwave. In many parts of the world, cooking is very expensive - purchasing solid fuels like charcoal can eat up more than a quarter of a family's income, and the time-consuming job of collecting free fuel, like wood and animal waste, keeps women from paid work and children out of school.

​At Sun Buckets we believe that cooking a meal for your family should be enjoyable and affordable. And since the sun delivers more energy in one hour than all of humankind needs in an entire year, we figured that we'd harness that energy and make it portable. Letting you cook with the sun, even at night.