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Dipersembahkan Oleh: Julita Manda, PWSD, Malawi

Acara: ECHO East Africa 4th Biennial Symposium on Sustainable Agriculture Best Practices (09 Februari 2017)

The presentation discusses gender in food security programs. The presentation shall focus issues of access and control and impact on food security. The break out session will conduct an analysis of gender in agriculture program and how to address gender gaps that promote continuous women vulnerability to food security.

Presenter : Julita Manda is a development specialist and possesses skills in health and nutrition, gender and women’s rights, and food security. She has a wide experience in providing support to conduct gender analysis in development programs both in Malawi and outside Malawi. She has provided Gender Training to partners working with OXFAM Ireland in Tanzania, Action Aid Partners in Tanzania and Nigeria, CRS Partners in Malawi as well as having conducted a gender gap analysis in PWS&D Programs in Malawi. She is currently working as a Program Consultant for PWS&D in Malawi.