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A Contextualized Learning Manual for African Colleges and Universities

Kasolo, W., Chemining’wa, G., and Temu, A. 2018. Neglected and Underutilized Species (NUS) for Improved Food Security and Resilience to Climate Change: A Contextualized Learning Manual for African Colleges and Universities, ANAFE, Nairobi.

The objective of the Teaching Manual is to accelerate the mainstreaming of NUS education at African universities and technical colleges. To this end, the Teaching Manual: • Serves as resource material for teaching NUS at colleges and universities, accompanying the NUS curriculum developed by ANAFE in 2016. • Shares information and creates awareness on the potential to further develop and create an enabling environment for NUS value chains. • Stimulates research on NUS among faculty and students. This manual has six chapters, covering general introduction, fruits and nuts, vegetables, cereals and pseudocereals, rodents and insects.