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Tetragonia tetragonoides


New Zealand Spinach is native to New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, and Taiwan. It is high in vitamin C and has been used to prevent scurvy. It grows well in the African highlands and other subtropical regions. Its growth habit is low and sprawling, reaching 30-40 cm in height and 100-125 cm in diameter.


It is used as a cooked green, and young leaves can be eaten raw in moderation.


  • Elevation – Not a significant factor
  • Rainfall – 700 - 3000 mm/year
  • Soil Types – Prefers well-drained soils with pH 5.5-8.6
  • Temperature Range – 10° - 36° C
  • Day Length Sensitivity – Not sensitive to day length
  • Light – Prefers full sun

T. tetragonioides can survive long periods of drought and is salt tolerant. Seeds should be soaked in water for a day before planting. Direct seed every 30-50 cm in rows 100 cm apart. Initial growth is slow.

Pemanenan dan Produksi Benih

New shoots can be picked and tops trimmed 6-8 weeks after germination. The plants will spread, and frequent harvesting will extend the season. Seeds are hard-coated and can remain viable for several years if kept dry. 

Hama dan Penyakit

NZ spinach has few disease and pest problems, but can be affected by leaf hopper, snails, aphids, and nematodes. Crop rotation usually controls pest problems.

Memasak dan Gizi

It is cooked as other green leafy vegetables. Similar to regular spinach, low rates of raw consumption are advisable in light of its high oxalate content.


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Nama Umum

  • Inggris
    • New Zealand Spinach
    • Tetragonia
    • Warrigal Greens
    • Bower Spinach
    • Ispinaka

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