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1. Efficient recycling of clean vegetable residues.
2. Feed and multiply earthworms to populate a garden area of up to 1000 sq. ft. (32’ X 32’).
3. Protect young worms from animal predators.
4. Worm numbers per bed increased 25 fold, over 6 months at ECHO in N. Fort Meyers, FL.
5. Improved conditions, year around, for efficient composting.
6. Enhances the management of permanently located, no till, organic, raised beds.
7. Worm tunnels improve soil aeration, moisture conditions, plant root development and nutrient cycling.
8. Highly favors beneficial microbial, soil health.
9. Improved and better balanced soil fertility.
10. With some three years of use, on poor sandy soil, the Brannen’s report improved soil quality and higher vegetable yields and quality.


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