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Edible Portion: Leaves - Tea, Herb, Spice

An evergreen tree up to 10-15 m high and with slender thorns. It spreads to 5 m across. The stem is stout and erect. It is covered with smooth greyish-brown bark. The leaf stalks have broad wings. The leaves are glossy green, oval and 10 cm long. The leaves taper towards the base and are paler under the leaf. There are spines in the axils of the leaves. The flowers are white and have a sweet smell. They are 2 cm across and there can be 1, 2 or a cluster, in the axils of leaves. The fruit is often green with a reddish tinge and fairly juicy but sour. The fruit are 5-7 cm long. The fruit is often rough skinned. The flesh is divided into segments with sour pulp.