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In recent years this transfer of technology (TOT) paradigm has been increasingly questioned, even in the citadels of normal professionalism.  Reductionist research, high input packages, and top-down extension have had their sucesses:  in the uniform and controlled conditions of industrial and green revolution agriculture they have raised output per unit of land.  But the sustainability of that increase is open to question, and TOT does not work well with the more complex, diverse and risk-prone rain-fed agriculture of much of the poorer South.  Explanations of non-adoption are now increasingly sought not in the ignorance of farmers, not in the methods of communication, not even so much in the lack of access to inputs, but in the technology itself, the concept of package, and the processes whereby the technology is generated.

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  • Penerbit: IIED International Institute for Environment and Development, Sustainable Agriculture Programme,
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