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INGENAES: Integrating Gender and Nutrition within Agricultural Extension Services

INGENAES is designed to assist partners in Feed the Future countries ( to build more robust, gender-responsive, and nutrition-sensitive institutions, projects and programs capable of assessing and responding to the needs of both men and women farmers through EAS; disseminate gender-appropriate and nutrition-enhancing technologies and access to inputs to improve women’s agricultural productivity and enhance household nutrition; identify, test efficacy, and scale proven mechanisms for delivering improved EAS to women farmer; and apply effective, nutrition-sensitive, extension.

We collaborate with agricultural extension, gender and nutrition experts worldwide, supporting extension providers in focus countries to:

  • Integrate service delivery mechanisms that better reach women farmers and promote nutrition sensitive agriculture
  • Assist stakeholders in designing and implementing gender-transformative, nutrition-sensitive activities
  • Partner in innovative learning exchanges
  • Carry out needs-based assessments and applied research
  • Create mentoring programs and strengthen networks
  • Support farmer organizations
  • Hold regional technology fairs and virtual marketplaces