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This book is the only book available that surveys the variety of instructional methods used by professional cross-cultural educators and trainers. By providing analysis and/or descriptions of each method, along with examples that can be used as they are adapted to particular situations, the Sourcebook serves as both a handbook for the instructor and as a guide to the field. CONTENTS: 1) Evolution of Cross-Cultural Training 2) Role Playing 3) Simulations 4) The Contrast-American 5) The Culture Assimilator 6) Self-Awareness Inventories 7) Workbook Approaches 8) Critical Incidents 9) Case Studies 10) Other Group Exercises 11) Area Specific Training

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  • Penerbit: 1979
  • ISBN-10: 0933662009
  • Dewey Decimal: 370.196
  • Perpustakaan ECHO: 370.196 HOO