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Dipersembahkan Oleh: Jean Claude Nshimiyimana

Acara: 2019 East Africa Highlands Symposium (26 November 2019)

Session: Potatoes and sweet potatoes play a big role as a staple and nutritious food, as well as a source of farmer incomes in the densely populated highlands of sub-Saharan Africa. They are grown by small family farms mainly intercropped with beans and maize. Per capita, potato annual consumption is 125 kg per person which lead to the 2nd source of calorie intake after cassava. Orange-fleshed sweet potato varieties are excellent sources of vitamin A. OFSP also play a role in the elimination of malnutrition, especially hidden hunger, which is a form of malnutrition caused by deficiency in micronutrients in Rwanda.

Jean Claude Nshimiyimana works as Research Associate in Agronomy & seed system at International Potato Center (CIP), Rwanda office since 2009. He has served as country lead for the 3G potato project and his experience in the potato and sweet potato sectors extends to support national programs and seed actors in seed production. Using modern techniques, he plays an active role in linking seed producers to farmers, contributing to the seed potato & sweet potato development plan of Rwanda, capacity building to value chain actors and developing training manuals.