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Dipersembahkan Oleh: Dan Turk

Acara: ECHO International Agriculture Conference 2019 (20 November 2019)

Session : This talk will explore fruit tree programs; successes with tangerines (achieved) and mangos (in progress) will be presented as well as lessons learned from over 20 years of experience working with the Church of Jesus Christ in  Madagascar (FJKM). Dan will share pitfalls to avoid, mistakes to be minimized, and keys to success.

Presenter : Dan Turk has worked with the FJKM church in Madagascar since 1997, helping with projects that have to do with growing fruit trees, reforestation, growing native trees for environmental education, gardening, and training of seminary
students. Recent emphasis has been on developing the potential of mango growing to improve people's lives. Dan is attending the conference to gain knowledge and get new ideas.