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Avena nuda


Naked Oats were first grown in Asia but as a cultivated crop did not appear in recorded history until long after wheat.


Primarily used for animal feed, supplying a good source of protein as grain, pasture, hay or silage. Naked Oat straw makes excellent bedding because of its absorbency. A portion of the world production is used for human consumption as breakfast food and oat flour. Naked oats also supply unsaturated fatty acids that contribute to the production of higher quality eggs, milk and meat products. The magnesium found in ground Naked Oats helps prevent perosis in chickens. Consumption of Naked Oats has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol level, thus lessening the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. Naked Oat contains more essential amino acids than wheat or barley. It has less dietary fiber, but higher oil content than wheat, barley or common oat


This long-day crop prefers a moderately fertile soil but will produce a crop on poor, dry soil in full sun with a rainfall average of 77 cm (30 in).

Pemanenan dan Produksi Benih

When the straw is slightly green, but before the head is completely dry, oats are cut and left in the field to dry. The naked oat is cultivated especially for its edible seed, which is easily separated from its thin, papery hull during threshing.

Hama dan Penyakit

When planted on a small scale, birds can decimate the crop. A net can be used to protect the heads.


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Nama Umum

  • Inggris
    • Naked Oat
    • Avena Sin Cáscara
  • Spanish
    • Avena De Grano Desnudo

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