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  1. 1990-01-01 Since 1950, soybeans have become a valuable part of the world's food supply and of the systems that produce and deliver food. Production of soybeans has grown rapidly and in 1990 amounted to approximately 100 million metric tons (MMT) annually. This compares with about 500 MMT each for rice and...
  2. 1985-01-01 This directory includes food legumes, cereals, and vegetables. 53 pages, illustrated Directory of Germplasm Collections
  3. 1963-01-01 This volume contains authoritative reviews on the soybean: genetics, physiology, nutrition, management, diseses and pests. This together comprises a comprehensive record of research in basic and applied sciences of this crop plant. 239 pages, illustrations
  4. This manual discusses in detail the state of art and technology of processing soybean into various edible forms and also indicates the prospects for soybean foods for human consumption.
  5. This study on the status of soya bean production and utilization in Tanzania was done in order to assist in planning for its development. The study involved stakeholders from research, extension, soya bean and poultry farmers, food and animal feed processors.
  6. 2007-01-01 This paper describes a project was initiated to test new soybeans breeding lines. These lines were evaluated to determine performance, and farmer acceptance. Proceedings of the Second National Soybean Stakeholders Workshop
  7. 1981-01-01 This book contains plans for making equipment to use to make soybeans into food.