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  1. 1984-01-01 This publication will serve as a useful source of information and comparison and that it will help to further improve forest worker training, to adapt it to the requirements of technological region for the benefit of governments, employers and workers.
  2. Our aim in publishing thee studies is to share the wide range of initiatives taken in India to implement Social Forestry programmes and how they have faltered or succeeded.
  3. 1981-04-27 Proceedings of a workshop held in Ibadan, Nigeria, 27 April - 1 May 1981 164 pages
  4. 1989-01-01 This publication reports on the seminar where professional forest workers were trained.
  5. 1986-01-01 This book provides a neo-symbiotic integrated approach between agriculture, horticulture, forestry and biology, optimising the biomass production on one hand and conservation of ecosystem on the other. The manuscript is the first of its type for popularising agroforestry among students, teachers...
  6. 1980-01-01 This guide was developed to aid Peace Corps staff members who are interested in programming forestry projects. This guide examines the history of Peace Corps forestry efforts in eight countries. These case studies provide information on the objectives and activities of each program and an...
  7. This report provides an overview of agroforestry in the Sahel today, the basic problems that are encountered in the current practice of agroforestry, and the opportunities that are available to donors such as the Agency for International Development, to promote agroforestry in the region. 86 pp
  8. Thousands of people around the world use GFW every day to monitor and manage forests, stop illegal deforestation and fires, call out unsustainable activities, defend their land and resources, sustainably source commodities, and conduct research at the forefront of conservation.
  9. This forestry note will examine the local technical knowledge (LTK) of the traditional swiddener and how it is utilized for natural resource management in the humid tropics. Starting with a review of the environment of the humid tropics and the problems of natural resource management in the...