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  1. This step by step guide has been developed to assist in nutrient and pesticide management to reduce the potential for leaching into groundwater. Cooperation effort between the Illinois Department of Agriculture and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency 17 pages, tables
  2. This book explains pesticides to the layment--to give an appreciation for the present state of this segment of chemical art and science. The entries are not restricted to a bare definition: some information about most of the pesticides named is given, so as to convey something of their...
  3. This book answers a great need for all those who must treat poisonings. It provides invaluable factual information relative to the toxicity of poisonous plants and will be a value to physicians and other emergency personnel.
  4. Since tannins occur as a natural protective system within plants, it is important to understand the different types and their funtions. This paper discusses various parts of tannins and their nutritional value.