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  1. 01-01-1982 This manual describes the facilities, equipment, procedures essential to all in vitro plant culture.
  2. Acclaimed since its first appearance as the most practical guide to plant tissue culture and widely adopted as a textbook, this standard work is now even better. This expanded edition introduces new developments in biotechnology, such as genetic engineering and cell culture. It provides detailed...
  3. This book was written for those individuals who are concerned about the techniques and practices of plant cell cultures for horticultural crops. It was designed to serve as a text and reference for students and professionals in ornamental horticulture, fruit and vegetable crop pro duction,...
  4. This report will acquaint you with tissue culture methods, bring you abreast of developments in their application, and indicate the broad range of emerging business opportunities.
  5. Tissue culture is a significant new technology. This report looks at the technological implications and its significance for the future.
  6. Unlike animal cells, isolated plant cells, if grownasepticallyin nutrient solution, have an inherent capacity to give rise to a whole plant. This book explores organ cultures, callus culture, cells, Totipotency, Cytodifferentiation, Organogenesis, single cell culture and embryo culture.