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  1. Link to Access Agriculture videos that are translated to Quechua Improved livelihoods of rural communities through sustainable agricultural practices and entrepreneurship. Our Mission To promote innovations in sustainable agriculture and rural enterprises through capacity development and...
  2. Access Agriculture Video We farmers, men and women, have the right to sell our seeds, and to conserve and exchange them. If they would forbid us from marketing or selling our potato seed, this would simply end our lives, because that is what we depend on. Available languages Arabic Bambara Bemba...
  3. Access Agriculture Training Video Farmers in Guatemala explain how to grow beans in hot, lowland areas by first selecting a bean variety that is adapted to the heat. They plant the beans in the winter, and sometimes have to provide irrigation. The beans can be planted alone or between the rows of...
  4. Documents provided by ECHO network members in Haiti to serve the Creole language.
  5. Encuentra información sobre: Métodos de agricultura Selección de cultivos nutritivos Indicadores de impacto
  6. Encuentra temas como recetarios de chaya y cultivos nativos, alimentación complementaria y snacks saludables.
  7. Encuentra información sobre: Intervenciones nutricionales, educación y consumo de alimentos, accesibilidad, agua y saneamiento, alimentación complementaria y otros.
  8. Organización: Hospitalito de Atitlán Spanish withTzutujil
  9. Organización: Hospitalito de Atitlán Spanish withQuiché
  10. Spanish with Kaqchiquel Organización: Hospitalito de Atitlán