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This book is designed as a simple introduction to the more common food plants of the Philippines.  It is hoped people will take greater pride and interest in these plants and become confident and informed about how to grow and use them.  Many of the local food plants that occur in every country are very good quality foods.  Unfortunately, people often reject traditional food plants and grow more of the introduced vegetables, such as ballhead cabbage.  These do not have the same food value as many traditional, tropical, dark green, leafy vegetables.


Growing food

Growing food to feed a family is, without doubt, one of the most important things anyone can do.  The more interest you take in your garden and the more you learn about plants and how to grow them well, the more interesting and fun food gardening becomes.


A country with very special plants

The local food plants of most countries have not been promoted and highlighted in the way they deserve.  Visiting a local food market will quickly show what a rich variety of food plants can be grown in this country.  Good information about these plants is often still in the minds and experience of local farmers, and has not been written down in books.  This can make it hard for the next generation of young people to find out how to grow them.


In many countries, some of the traditional food plants are only harvested from the wild and others are only known in small areas.  Others have hundreds of varieties and are the main food for people in different regions.  Information on all these plants, their food value and the pest and diseases that damage them is available in the Food Plants International database.


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