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Sheet composting is an ancient technique that has many practical applications today. Also referred to as lasagna composting or sheet mulching, sheet composting is a cold composting method that has been used by people around the world for generations. It is an excellent way to convert grass to vegetable beds, create new or enlarge perennial borders, improve soil and soil structure and recycle organic material at home. As with all compost, sheet composting needs carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and water in proper proportions to break down the organic materials into a good growing medium.

There are several advantages to sheet composting

  • It is an easy and uncomplicated method of composting
  • It can be done a little at a time as materials are available
  • It can be done on a large or small scale
  • It can be used to improve soil or add to existing beds and borders
  • It is an easy way to expand a garden with a minimum amount of equipment, material and time.