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Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm

Publisher:Rooster Crows Productions, [2009]

Media: DVD

Summary: Covers everything you need to know including - water systems (and how to know when to water) - best gardening methods - easiest ways to keep small livestock with little work of feed - predator protection - how do do home butchering with honor and repsect - food forests and edible landscaping. The set also comes with many bonus reports on rainwater harvesting, tanning rabbit hides, free fertilizers, home meade food dehydrators, seeds saving, and much much. All the techniques show you how to grow food in a grid down, or 'real sustainability' environment.

Description: set of 2 discs (Disc 2 is CD)

Informations de publication

  • Publié: 2009
  • Éditeur: Rooster Crows Productions
  • Bibliothèque ECHO: DVD 080 STAFF